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Always On Notifications Premium v1.10 APK DOWNLOAD – [CRACKED]

Show notifications on the screen light is turned off by Always On Notifications

The new phone is likely to prompt them to turn off the light screen is displayed’ve encountered. In this page In addition to the notifications, also saw the date and time will be displayed. This feature also gives a special beauty to the screen, as well as very practical and do not need to watch the clock and notifications and unlock the phone via the phone off will be able to see them. But there is a problem in this regard is that this feature is not available on all phones and is now located in a limited number of Android mobile phones. But if you want such a possibility to bring your phone, you can use the Always On Notifications.



  • Choose from among the different models Designer Watches
  • Choice of notifications you want to see
  • Customisable text displayed on the page.
  • Choose a white or colored icons to display
  • Widget capable of viewing something to avoid monotonous
  • Allows you to adjust brightness or put in automatic mode phone
  • Night mode to display notifications are limited in time and prevent battery
  • Exposure mode to extend battery life phone in pocket
  • Unlock the screen by double-clicking on the screen

Always On Notifications provides the ability to light off the screen, the screen is black, you can view the date, time and also have notifications. In this page you notifications such as text messages, missed calls, message and messenger apps … See, without the need to unlock your phone. There is a choice of a different widget to the page and you can watch your favorite design on the screen. The app also provides the ability to create in which only double-clicking on the screen, you can not unlock the need for physical buttons to unlock the page does not exist.

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