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Assistive Touch for Android 2 Premium v3.0 APK DOWNLOAD – [CRACKED]


Android provides quick access to the Assistive Touch for Android 2

Simulate the performance of the iPhone on Android

If the phone iPhone with IOS version 8 are worked up, then you know that this phone Icons HOME button for a virtual simulation that provides very fast access. The virtual keyboard can be customized and is great potential for those who have an iPhone, go figure.Perhaps you would like to use this icon on your Android phone. In this case we recommend the use of Assistive Touch for Android.



  • Virtual house comfortable with opening the lock screen by touching the keys and open the recent task
  • Virtual Voice Changer keys for quick access to volume and volume keys
  • Clear RAM, increase the speed by clicking once
  • Touch easy to open favorite apps
  • Data transfer to the settings with just one touch

Assistive Touch for Android apps in Android phones like the iPhone fast access buttons to help you choose the parts that you will be able to get quick access. With the help of this software you can have icons on the home screen of your phone with the help of which the main sectors such as settings, galleries, Internet, contacts, text messages, and quick access. To do this, simply click once on the icon to drop down list will appear and you can select the desired program.

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