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Batman – The Telltale Series v1.41 APK + DATA DOWNLOAD – [FULL]

Beautiful and popular game Batman – The Telltale Series

Another game company Telltale Games Telltale Games Series
The graphics are great and very professional details
Demo and engaging cutscenes
Point-and-Click adventure gameplay

Note: This game is only for devices running Android 5.0+ and is the holder of OpenGL 3.1 and above.

Game series by Telltale , which over the last few years have made enormous progress in the gaming industry, with the mellow themes and works of art like the popular TV series and movies, the games have been very popular production and supply. Company Telltale Games as the developer of the game, including business partners television networks and film companies are American. Put our hands full attention on works such as the series The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones Telltale Games Corporation is one of the most important measures.


Features :

  • Excellent graphics and highly detailed
  • Fully three-dimensional and dynamic design
  • 1080p video output
  • Episodic design with 5 separate
  • There are cutscenes and multiple demos
  • Attractive and tense storyline
  • Faced with the main characters of Batman stories
  • Despite the selection (turn the game by selecting the player)
  • The gameplay of adventure and a story in the style of Point n Click

Introduce and review the game Batman – The Telltale Series

Game Batman – The Telltale Series only official project studio Telltale Games , who in October 2016 for consoles seventh, eighth and operating system iOS and Android smartphones released. Rumors that the game Batman – The Telltale Series were heard from early 2015 until the end of the game officially introduced in mid-2016 and was released in October.

In Batman – The Telltale Series, which like other games in the genre of studio Telltale Games Point n Click it, you are in a game in the genre of adventure as the Dark Knight, the Batman role. Like all adventures of Batman that Gotham City occurs, the Batman – The Telltale Series will also take you to the city, which outlaws have captured it’m walking.

Check the contents of adventure Batman – The Telltale Series

Your task is normally fight robbers and criminals who attack public places and their property looted. But according to the story, when involved in the city, you will notice a lot of facts that will take you to other parts of the city. In this way you will face many characters that distinguish friend or foe many of them will not be easy.

The point to emphasize is that manufacturers and have spent more time designing the game, the choices you are changing the game!According to the manufacturers, almost all of the game depends on your choices. Although the news of the end of the game is not available, but there may be dozens of different endings in the game Batman – The Telltale Series exist. Appreciation and conclusions of this game is all about will be your smart choice.

Check the contents of graphics and gameplay Batman – The Telltale Series

Thanks to the graphic design of the game using the game engine has been well Telltale Tool. High detail, lighting, sound, etc. look very attractive. Because a lot of cutscenes, the game is actually a feature film or a multi-part series looks. Point n Click play style is also back in style. In this style of game you should be set at appropriate times and appropriate reaction to it. Rest of your gameplay choices among alternatives is concerned.

Note: This game is only for devices running Android 5.0+ and is the holder of OpenGL 3.1 and above. To find out version of OpenGL is your device, the app Droid Hardware Info System section GRAPHICS tab to download and view your OpenGL version.

🔞 Note: Games for adults over the age of 18 years.

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