Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v5.21 is a program that can save battery power by finding apps and settings that drain battery power, your battery life by up to 50% increase. To more than 150 million Android and iOS users that have seen the benefits of this program to join!
Battery Doctor is a professional, easy to use and supports 19 languages, gives a longer life to your android phone. It supports full data for your battery and you can charge with 3 unique system, do the correct charge.

Key features of Android Battery Doctor:
– Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery
– Kill tasks with a single click by Task Killer
– Kill apps when screen is off
– The exact length of the remaining battery
– The exact time the remaining charge
– Power saving modes for work / class / sleep etc.
– 3-stage charging system is unique
– Wifi / Data / Bluetooth toggle
– Brightness control
– Manage CPU (for rooted phones)!
– Battery temperature
– Charging Tips
– Support which of 15 languages
– Simple user interface and easy to use
– And …