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Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW Pro v1.8.2 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST UNLOCK]

Making Google search with the desired appearance Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW

As you know, in a lot of Android phones Google search bar known as a widget, there by default to help users directly from your phone allows you to search for words and have not be necessary to the every time you search for the word refer to Google’s website. If you are a user of this widget, you may come to mind that may have to edit the appearance of the widget. In this case, we recommend you use the Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW.



  • Ability to customize the appearance of the Google search bar and icon
  • Save made layouts and use them in other situations
  • Suggest keywords on search
  • Search Mvtvvr or switch between apps like the music player, Spotify, Wikipedia, Amazon and …
  • Add new search engine or add new applications to search

Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW program allows making Google Search widget you can customize the appearance and color. With this program you can Google search bar, or rather the appearance of Google Search to suit your personal taste, you personalization. The software is also capable of changing icons on the left is the bar and you can also customize the icon for it.

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