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*CUTE* My Talking Elly v2.1 APK DOWNLOAD NOW !!

My Talking Elly – play great care and a little elephant for Android

Business 4.1 out of 5 rating on Google Play
If you are looking for a game for children and children in the style pou Dlbndtan with thei
r children and want to entertain, we offer you My Talking Elly. In this game, great experience and taking care of a cute little elephant named Ellie and built the lovely and almost strange to you, there is a strong need to take care. My Talking Elly DigitalEagle for Android devices created by the company and has been released and you can download the free version on Android City.

دانلود My Talking Elly 2.1 بازی مراقبت از فیل کوچولو اندروید!


A complete description of the game:

In this game a lovely creature called Dlbndtan to you and your children will be entertained for hours reinvigorated this if this is available with a very innocent face and her childlike ask of you care, and to handle full investigation Knyd.nqsh you to organic, you should not play with him and at bedtime send him to his room to sleep during the day, good food and beautiful clothes for her get ready for her.

All the care that must be for a child to talk to you Mykhvahd.hmchnyn a game account because he is very interested to hear your voice, very funny imitation so you Bkhndand.ayn for children it is very convenient because the treatment and care to learn.


دانلود My Talking Elly 2.1 بازی مراقبت از فیل کوچولو اندروید!


My Talking Elly Android features:
  • The possibility of playing with Eli
  • The possibility of talking with Eli
  • A beautiful mini-games
  • Imitate your voice to
  • Organic food on a regular basis.
  • The possibility of covering the colored clothes



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