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Google Allo v2.0.000_RC16 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Download Google Apps Google Allo v2.0.000_RC16 Hello Android

Google plum new messaging software to send text messages and pictures to friends and acquaintances to take advantage of the intelligent assistant, Google and clever reply and so on.

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Google Allo new software for phones and tablets as plum Messenger, Google with Android. Google Eloy is a new messaging app that makes your conversations with friends and acquaintances easier, more productive and louder done. However plum alternative to other communication systems, not Google and only start again would be great for the company. On the plus side Messenger is a smart responsive system. With this feature you need to express your feelings in order to enlarge their concept in the text display.

Google Allo by renowned developer Google Inc has been launched for Android users and has so far scored very good 4.3 out of 5 on Google’s official download, and more than 10 thousand recorded.

Google Allo features

– Google Assistant ( The Google assistant): get answers, find new information and get things done without having to leave the conversation

– Call clever (Smart Reply): Reply to messages without typing a word!

– Status feeling and purpose (Whisper Shout): allows you to send your messages to larger or smaller than usual to accommodate taller order to express and feel

– Stickers (Stickers): send emoticons and stickers for exclusive designed by artists and studios, independent from all over the world

– Incognito (Incognito mode): using incognito mode for private chat with encrypted end-to- end special to do and chat to prevent others know your secret. In this case the expiry date will be chatting all information is completely removed.

Changes in version 2.0.000

Call direct notification

Share Direct

Shortcuts app for Android 7.1 and higher

Chat monochrome settings

– Support for Multitasking

– Splash screen

– Key alerts Anonymous

– Landscape mode

  • Name: Google Allo
  • Version: 2.0.000
  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: no
  • Requires data: no


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