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Google Translate v5.5.0.RC03.136548170 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Download software Translator Google Android Google Translate v5.5.0.RC03.136548170

Different texts and vocabulary as easy as possible and translated into more than 80 languages including sweet language Parsi access and translate them into online and offline.

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Google Translate “Google Trnzlyt” Google’s official app for text translation, dictionary, words and even handwriting paper that has a very useful feature, but with the proper functioning of the smart device has managed to become a reference application for . In today’s era of thick and heavy book dictionary is nothing but a waste of time and energy loss is not in vain. No need to find a terminology dictionary does not exist in books and tech of the day and of course relying on the World Wide Web can be lengthy text from any language to another in just a few seconds translated. There are many tools in this area by providing software, Google Translate, Google has managed to translate the easiest and least expensive way out. With this program you can easily texts and different words as possible into more than 103 languages including sweet language Persian translation and pronunciation of words also benefit from the audio and the ability to recognize in this version of the program Persian language script is included that is a very important feature. Advanced features such as translations and video in real-time, download the database in different languages for offline use in emergency situations as well as the possibility of translation into any other languages of the world most certainly can experience the best software for users to bring along an interpreter them. The app all Android users including students, engineers, doctors, etc. is recommended.

Download software Google Translator Google Translate

Google Translate by renowned developer Google Inc has been launched for Android users and has so far scored very good 4.4 out of 5 on the Official Google and more than 100 million downloads have been recorded.

Google Translate feature

– Translating more than 103 different languages by typing

– Tap to Translate functionality applications just by copying any text in any application translates text will be displayed for you

– Translator offline capabilities for when Internet access is not possible

– Ability to translate using the camera for 29 different languages; it is enough that your device camera to capture text

– There are camera mode for taking pictures of the text and provide more quality translation to 37 different languages

– Ability to translate spoken live to 32 different languages

– Ability to recognize letters and texts with human handwriting and its translation to 93 different languages

– Possibility of book phrases to memorize key words and translate them into any other language

Version 5.5.0.RC03.136548170

– Minor bug fixes suggestions presented to you to type

Version 5.3.0.RC02.130475354:

– Added the ability Tap-to-Translate

– Fixed minor bugs and supports Android 7

Version 5.0.0.RC24.1219935:

– Added possibility to translate text in any application (With this function you can copy the text in any application you want to completely get its translation)

– Instant translation of texts using the camera

– Online translation 52 languages

Version 4.1.0.RC01.99926248:

– Improved language pack offline

– Improved user experience with applications in offline mode

– Phonetic input support: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu

– Fixed other minor

  • Name: Google Translate
  • Version: 5.5.0.RC03.136548170
  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes


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