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Kernel Manager Pro (ROOT) v2.3.2 Download Manager app for Android Kernel


Management Program at Cornell Kernel Manager

Need to root the phone

Kernel, or core of the handset, as its name suggests the phone’s processor is that it is assumed the duties of the phone’s hardware. Some of the functions can be controlled from this section graphics, sound and etc. If you are a professional mobile phone users are willing to make basic changes in’re on top of Android to follow this post.



  • CPU frequency change
  • Change the CPU governor and its professional management settings
  • Change scheduling algorithms, I / O and settings
  • Change readability value Buffer
  • CPU temperature limit
  • Increased headset
  • The highest volume
  • Forced charging fast

Kernel Manager application for mobile phones is a complete management kernel. Rooting the phone, install BusyBox and then install the application that you have prepared, allowing you to fully control your phone to your kernel. After installing the software, you can access numerous Bshayd settings, settings that previously had no access to them.

Note: To use this software in addition to being routed to the handset, the software also will need busybox.

Note 2: Site ApkTops any responsibility for incorrect use this software for those who are not familiar with it, and in general it will not accept any consequences.

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