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Lucky Patcher v6.8.3 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Download Lucky Patcher 6.8.3 Android Application and Application Licensing

Lucky Patcher is a very practical tool for removing game licenses and software provided for Android phones

Lucky Patcher is a very simple and functional application for apps and games that are not cracked completely and need to connect to the market to run! The new version of the program, which is capable of removing all licenses, is now available for your loved ones, which is perfectly compatible with Android 4.0! Using Lucky Patch, you can remove apps and games licenses and see things that require in-app payments. Other applications of the program include removing ads and installing patch casts for free use of limited software and games. With this application, you can easily buy additional items that are included in some of the games and programs in the paid in-app program. Additionally, you can easily remove annoying ads in the app space easily and enjoy unlimited play and enjoyment.

Download Lucky Patcher Uninstall Application Licensing and Android App

Lucky Patcher has been released independently by ChelpuS developer Chelp3 for Android users, which up to this moment has gained a high percentage of users’ satisfaction.

Lucky Patcher features

– Removal of software license applications

– Purchase in-app payments

– Remove existing ads in the user interface

Changes Version 6.8.3

– Updated translation

– Debugging

Changes Version 6.4.5:

– Fixed a bug showing active advertising

Changes Version 6.3.3:

– Fixed Android patch bug for some CM processors

Changes Version 6.3.0:

– Google Play 7.0.18H update for Android 7

– Updates the Google Play Proxy server for some versions

– Update custom patches

Changes Version 6.2.9:

– Added two-day delay to update

– Google Play 6.9.15 update for Android 7

– Fix bug patches support

– Update custom patches

Changes Version 6.2.8:

– Added support for Android 7 (x86, x86-64) for Android Patches

Changes Version 6.2.4:

– Fixed “SQ” bug for custom patch engine

– Update custom patches

Changes Version 6.2.3:

– Patch Android bug fixes for Arm processors

– Help update for in-app payments

– Update custom patches

Changes Version 6.2.1:

– Fixed a bug of new methods for some applications

Changes Version 6.1.6:

– Fixed Android patch bug for “Disable signature verification in package management ” in CM13

– Update custom patches

Changes Version 6.1.2:

– Android patch stability for some 4.x processors

– Added Google Play Modded version 6.0.7

– Added Google Play mode Version 6.3.16

– Bug fixes

– Update custom patches

– Updated translations

Changes Version 6.1.0:

– Update custom patches

– Updated translations

Changes Version 6.0.8:

– Update all Google Play mailed versions for in-app purchases

– Updates Android patches for the Intel x86 processor

– Update some custom patches

– Updated translations

Changes Version 6.0.3:

– Updated Italian translation 

– Update some custom patches

– Fixed a bug to create a jar file archive

– Fixed a bug of cloning programs named closed packets into “z”

– fix program problems

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to root: yes
  • Requires Data: No


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