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Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.75 APK DOWNLOAD !!

Strategic online game Magic Rush: Heroes

With a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play

A beautiful combination of strategic gameplay different subcategories

The famous company Elex

More than 50 million active installations on Google Play

War is coming – are you ready? Champions summoned to defend their kingdom and charge your enemies. The beautiful game Magic Rush: Heroes with its unique gameplay depends to a large audience has been released by the company Elex famous and so far has released many games like Magic Rush. War of Magic: Heroes perfect combination of control skills, passion, purpose and Games Real Time (concurrent) and pvp (player versus player) is that to be very professional and elegant design.

Play Magic Rush Heroes


  • Manuel targeting manually or directly
  • Offensive and defensive use different gestures such as anesthetics, Silent, anti-aircraft and Healing
  • To thwart enemy attacks using precise and controlled Kombat
  • Combines speed and strategy together with the promotion of both, it is your victory
  • Champions possible to upgrade skills and abilities to defend territory
  • Dozens of different heroes with different skills and different
  • Upgrade and upgrade defense equipment for better performance on defense
  • Ability to play pvp (player versus player)
  • And many other unique features

Strategy games have always attracted the attention of professional and amateur gamers because they convey a real sense of competition and invite players into a real challenge. Magic Rush: Heroes of the world as a beautiful game like most strategy games runs and challenge other players to read. War of Magic: Heroes among different play style and gameplay combines strategic style of other subcategories such as Tower Defense and RTS (Real-Time Strategy or strategic games online with simultaneous action and reaction) in there. Very interesting game designed and hours of gameplay are included.


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