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Mega Android Apps List (2016) DOWNLOAD – [DIRECT LINK]

Question: Hi, I’m new to Android. Which apps must I absolutely have?
Answer: Uhm, give me a minute to pen down the list (again)
Ever found yourself in this situation? Your friend, uncle, aunt, etc. recently converted to Android and you, being the local tech guru, are now suppose to tell them what to download?
Sifting through the app drawer is a hassle. What should you recommend? Why? and most importantly: how? A list with appname, market link and optionally a comment would be great, but is no fun to compile manually.
With List My Apps, the task becomes as easy as checking the app(s) you want to recommend and sharing them as:

• Plain text
• HTML list (e.g. for blog comments)
• BBCode list (used by many forums)
• Markdown list (e.g. for Reddit)
• Market URL (e.g. for direct sharing via barcode scanner app or importing in Raccoon:
• Any custom format, defined through the build-in template editor.

Twilight v6.7 build 181 [Pro]
GravityBox [JB] v3.7.0 [Unlocked]
ES File Explorer File Manager v4.1.4 build (539)
App Usage – Manage/Track Usage v4.13 [Pro]
The Guardian v4.10.837 [Subscribed]
GO Weather Forecast & Widgets Premium v5.704
Full Screen Caller ID v3.3.5 [Pro]
Animated Weather Widget&Clock v6.7.1.1 [Paid]
CloudPlayer by doubleTwist v1.2.6 [Platinum]
Smart Keyboard Pro v4.15.0 [Paid]
My Movies Pro | aflami Pro v3.1 (Ad Free)
Archos Video Player v10.1-20160927 [Patched]
BlackPlayer EX v20.22 build 183 BETA [Patched]
Business Card Reader – CRM Pro v1.1.36
iFont (Expert of Fonts) v5.8.0 [Donate]
Relay for reddit (Pro) v8.0.38 [Paid]
Power Battery – Battery Saver v1.7.2 [Ad Free]
New Launcher Prime v2.5 (iNew)
Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.2.4 Beta 3 [Unlocked]
GravityBox [KK] v3.6.0 [Unlocked]
Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.91.06.09 [Paid]
SeriesGuide v33-beta 2 [Premium]
Swipe for Facebook Pro v5.0.0 [Paid]
1Password – Password Manager Pro v6.4.1 Final
Lumosity – Brain Training v2.0.7950 [Lifetime Subscription]
VIP Bet Sickness v1.9.28
Everywhere Launcher v0.42b [Pro]
Amber Weather – Local Forecast v3.0.5 [Unlocked]
Podcast & Radio Addict v3.28.2 build 955 [Donate]
Cool Tool Pro v5.5.6
Material Design Tasker Plugin v5.1.1 [Unlocked]
Scanner Radio Pro v6.2 [Paid]
iCountTimer Pro v6.5.4 [Patched]
TripIt: Travel Organizer Pro v5.2.0
WeatherBomb v1.085 [Unlocked]
Smugy (NEW) v1.05
FineArtBox – amazing wallpaper v1.2
FineArtPaper – grand wallpaper v1.5
FineArtWall – unique wallpaper v2.2 b23
Crispy Dark – Icon Pack v1.0.3
Click UI – Icon Pack v5.5
Nflix – Icon Pack v1.2
uOS Icon Pack v1.50
Oniron Icon Pack 1.0
LONE ELITE CM13/12 Theme v1.6.0
Circ Blue Icon Pack v1.1
Backdrops – Wallpapers PRO v2.18
NOU – Icon Pack [BETA] v0.8
Aris – Icon Pack v1.3.2
Rest – Icon Pack v2.3.5
Color Gloss – Icon Pack v1.1.3
Crispy – Icon Pack (SALE!) v1.6
Rugos – Premium Icon Pack v1.0
Atomic Red – CM12 CM13 Theme v3.48
Atomic Green CM12 CM13 Theme v3.48
Atomic Blue – CM12 CM13 Theme v3.48
0Ground v1.0
minty CM13/CM12 v2.9
Krix Icon Pack v2.3
Yomira- Icon Pack v5.1
Betternet Free VPN Proxy v3.7.0
Terrarium TV v1.2.16 [Ad Free]
Newest Movies HD v2.5 (Ad Free)
Weather from NOAA v5.7.1
Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools (Home Wifi Alert) pro v14.2
Karmanu Icon Pack v4.6
System Tweaker PRO [root] v2.0.1 (Patched)
KasatMata UI Icon Pack Theme v4.5
Microsoft PowerPoint v16.0.7424.1000
Smart Screen On Off & Lock PRO v1.5.4
Microsoft Word v16.0.7424.1000
Camera Blocker PRO – Anti Spyware v1.2.5
Aris – Icon Pack v1.3.1
Facebook v98. Alpha MOD (No separate messenger) 4.0.3+
Facebook v98. Alpha MOD (No separate messenger) 5.0+
Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote v6.7.2 [Pro]
Aqua Mail – email app v1.6.4-dev2.6.1 [Pro]
Redox – Icon Pack v2.1
Glass NOVA/APEX/ADW Icon Pack v2.4
Golden Glass Nova Icon Pack v4
Ilk – CM13/12 Theme v2.0.4
Supreme Icon Pack v1.5
Perfect Icon Pack v1.5
MilusPro widget for KWGT v2.6
Redox – Icon Pack v2.0 b212
Teron – Icon Pack v1.2.9
Annabelle UI – Icon Pack v1.2.1
Yomira- Icon Pack v5.0 [Patched]
Krix Icon Pack v2.2
Redox – Icon Pack v2.0
Shimu – Icon Pack v1.3.6
[CM13/12.x] LG UX 5.0 v2.0.1
Tigad Pro Icon Pack v1.5.2
Tabloid Icon v2.1.9
Spheroid Icon v1.3.3
DarkFlow – Icon Pack v1.2
The Reborn Dark CM13/12 Theme v1.3
pi wallpapers v1 b12
Iggy-Icon Pack v1.0.5
Turbo Launcher® Premium v0.0.36
Phone Speed Booster Pro v1.5
Swiftly switch – Pro v2.4.4
All-in-One Agenda widget Premium v1.4.23
Power Media Player Pro v5.7.1
MiXplorer v6.8.2.BETA_B1609262
Maxthon Web Browser – Fast v4.5.10.2000
Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.91.06.01
Periodic Table 2016 Pro v0.0.8
Live Stream Player v3.45 [Pro]
Handy GPS v20.1
Client Keeper Version 1.1 v1.1
VRTV Video Player v3.0
Japanese Kanji Study – 漢字学習 v1.8.15 [Unlocked]
Listen Audiobook Player v4.4.5 b436 Paid
C4droid – C/C++ compiler & IDE v5.01 + GCC Plugin
Galaxy Universal Remote v4.1.1 (Final) Patched
WiFi Overview 360 Pro v3.03.34
Maps – Navigation & Transit v9.38.0 Beta [Universal]
My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.21 Build 2 [Patched]
Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.91.06.04 [Paid]
Enpass Password Manager v5.4.2 [Pro]
Griddy Icon Pack v1.6
minty CM13/CM12 v2.7
Drawon – Icon Pack v2.2
Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v3.2.3
MINIMALE Icon Pack v1.2
UnPivot icon pack v0.1.5


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