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Modern Warplanes v1.5 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Download Modern Warplanes v1.5 - Modern Warplanes v1.5 - Download Module + Trailer

Take control of the most advanced fighters in the world and compete with other players around the world online and breathtakingly. The game has a completely simulated gameplay and detailed graphics and beautiful graphics.

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Modern Warplanes is a title in action style, recently developed and developed by Cube Software Studio and released for free on the Google Play Store. The leading game up to now with a total of 9,000 people has experienced a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 and more than 500,000 times downloaded. In this game you have to take control of the most advanced fighters of the day and in an simulated environment with fantastic graphics to battle online with other players.

As you know, in the adventure game, the world’s best fighters and interceptors will be in control, and you must also defeat your enemies and manage your base using your skills. According to game developers, this title will not be anyway a gameplay fiction, and its gameplay is one of the top simulators on the Android operating system to date.

Features of Modern Warplanes

– Magnificent and beautiful graphics in the titles of home computers

– There is an online capability that will allow you to compete with other players all over the world.

– There are 12 advanced fighter types, 10 of which are real-world simulated, and 2 of which are also 6th fighter jets.

– Each of the interceptors inside the game has unique weaponry and special features.

– More than 30 different types of missiles that can be fitted to your fighter according to your type of target.

– Optimized and enjoyable performance with beautiful gameplay that brings you happy moments.

– Both online and offline modes, the game will run in both cases.

  • Name: Modern Warplanes
  • Version: 1.5
  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No


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