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Produced by Microsoft’s lock screen, powerful personalization capabilities and security with the ability to manage calls, text messages and notifications from social networks and playing music.

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Next Lock Screen professional and popular app lock screen for Android phones and tablets. This app helps you use your smartphone to protect against unwanted access by others. With this software you can lock yourself through a lot of work everyday do it without unlocking the phone. This app allows you to set the background images for the lock screen of your device’s memory or using Bing wallpaper automatically changes your locks fun environment. Calls, text messages and notifications received from the network social manage and play music from the lock screen software supports popular musicsuch as Pandora and Aspatyfy in your hand. In addition you can do with personal preferences that camera, flashlight, etc. that you need to have quicker access. NeXT can be one of the best programs produced by Microsoft for Android, he said.

Download NeXT lock screen Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen by renowned developer Microsoft Corporation released and so far so good while 4.2 out of 5 rating on Google Play earns on more than 1 million Android devices officially installed.

Next Lock Screen features

Protect your phone with a PIN or pattern lock

View calls, text messages, missed messages and notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp

Launch your favorite apps with App Launcher

Quick access to the camera, flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more

Check the local weather with automatic updates

Get summary of activities set in the calendar for today and tomorrow

Control your favorite songs and playlists

Support for popular music apps like Spotify, Audible and Pandora

– Set wallpaper by selecting an image from the gallery or the default images

Supports English, Spanish and Chinese

Version 3.9.2

– Fixed a crash bug program

Changes in version 3.9.0:

– Added Bing search: quick search of the lock screen

Changes in version 3.7.1:

– Manage important notifications

– Bug fixes ignoring notifications

Improved battery life and memory usage for service Bing wallpaper

Reduce memory usage by eliminating unused view

– Fixed a bug Hide preview wallpaper settings

– Bug fixes become the default wallpaper background image

– Clear the screen when there is no phone in the pocket

Changes in version 3.6.2:

– Fixed a freeze bug when using a PIN or pattern to unlock screen

Optimized battery usage

Changes in version 3.4.0:

– Support for new languages Russian, German, and Turkish.

– Bug fixes reduced quality wallpapers for some users

– Optimized display size Date / Time / Weather for small screens

– Launchpad bug fixes

Changes in version 3.3.0:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version 3.2.0:

New color scheme and logo in a location-based lock screen

– Optimize and improve the display of icons in the Notification

Added settings to hide the back and minor improvements in the user interface launch pad

– Bug fixes Show Time

Updated every hour using a search engine Bing wallpaper


Weather: Directly specify your location.

– Clear the screen when you receive new notifications

– Remove Navbn the lock screen notifications to clean up the environment.

– Supported languages Brazil and Portugal

– Improved battery

– Fixed bugs


– Fixed a crash bug on some devices

Changes in version 2.6.0:

– Bug fix system settings (including lock pin / pattern) with reset.

– Bug fixes the camera unusable

– Bug fix the notifications

Dialogue for customization mode automatically

  • Name: Next Lock Screen
  • Version: 3.9.2
  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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