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In this action game a sudden and unexpected war occurred in the city and everywhere has been destroyed. Save the city and eliminate enemies are your responsibility and must play the role of various heroes to fight the enemies appear in front of you. In the game Hero-X can choose between several warrior with special abilities and weapons using a variety of missions and breathtaking stage company and item and earn various prizes. Play Hero-X to all lovers of role-playing games and arcade recommended.

The game features Hero-X:

  • There are various weapons like the UZI, M-16, AK-47, Beretta, Magnum
  • Different and exciting mission
  • Collect rocks to complete missions
  • Different skills and techniques to fight with rocks
  • Contains scenes and secret places to play
  • With special power-ups

The new version of the game features Hero-X:

  • Added new attacks during the fight
  • Added new heroes with unique features
  • Added new stage of struggle
  • Optimized game
  • Fixed bugs and minor problems


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