Relax Rain – Nature sounds Premium v4.6.0 with the best sounds of rain relax. Fall asleep faster and sleep better!
Ideal for relaxing, sleeping, thinking, concentration or if the problem of tinnitus (ringing ears) you.
It plays different sounds of rain, sounds playing in this method is also known as white noise.
White noise masking noise due to the external environment has beneficial effects on the body and mind and relaxation and concentration increases.
You can set a timer and its application in the background or the screen off. At the end of time, the sound slowly fade and the program itself will be closed. So when you go to sleep not need to worry about closing the app.
Do you have trouble falling asleep? This app helps you block out distractions to sleep. Now you can sleep faster, and sleep better!
You can say goodbye to your insomnia! Improve your life now!
After a stressful day to regain inner peace use of this software. Meadows go to relax.

*** Features Applications Relax Rain – Nature sounds Premium Android ***
– 25+ voice full circle
– System timer sound gradually fade out
– Auto pause on incoming call sounds
– Voice Control
– Quick Menu
– Use in the background and with other programs
– Any current not needed for playback (no need to connect to the Internet)
– Pause and Play sounds

*** List sounds ***
– Rain forest
– Rain on the street
– Strong thunderstorms
– Thunder and music
– Rain in the Park
– Summer in the woods
– under the tree
– Rain in the suburbs
– Rainy night with crickets
– Tropical Storm
– Rain in the garden
– Rain
– Rain on a tin roof
– The following Jeter
– Pit in the suburbs
– Rain nearby window
– Hailstorm
– Water in the atmosphere
– Storm away
– Rain-light at night
– Home in the rainforest
– Rain-light on the windshield
– Rain on leaf
– Light rain in the garden
– Heavy rain on the windshield

* Light rain: when the rate is less than 1.5 mm per hour.