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Play beautiful wonderful SKYHILL

Different style of RPG

The gameplay is incredibly engaging and impressive

Great graphics with snazzy designs

SKYHILL beautiful as fantastic a game in the genre of role-playing , Orchid and Action created by the German studio Daedalic Entertainment is offered in the form of a mobile game. Since so many games in different styles every day, we have to find a perfect match bit difficult, because we have to test different games to reach the desired game. Game Hotel Sky Hill is one of those games that will surely fascinate you his unique gameplay.



  • Violent gameplay with RPG in a unique apocalypse
  • Carpet randomly generated maps every season
  • Various gain the ability to upgrade weapons
  • Search valuable objects
  • Cope with an army of nightmarish creatures controversial
  • Smart Choice shoot to the head or body organs
  • Open end with Change Difficulty
  • Unlock special abilities and different
  • Major battles bass (turn) the reward system
  • Take a quick trip to Asansavr

About the game SKYHILL

World War III was a very cruel tragedy, at least for some! Beautiful you are spending time in their lovely penthouse Sky Hill were at the hotel. As the effects of a devastating biological weapon, the type of life he knew from his mind and apocalyptic mutants form. Mutant are everywhere and wherever you see, you will attack. On your life and you have shown that your loving hands of the penthouse do and to look for food. Walk This hotel is not the same as walking in hell! In every corner of the building you’re sitting in ambush death. Get ready and open …

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