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Telegram + Plus v3.10.1.0 + Themes APK DOWNLOAD !!

Download Telegram + Plus – the latest version of the popular app for Android Telegram Plus

Add cool features to the app Telegram

The theme of the program has been updated.

As you know Telegram is one of the most popular communication apps that use it very user friendly and ultra-secure environment will be able to send photos and videos with high-speed and other documents and files with your friends anywhere in the world share and chat with them to form groups pay or chat with your friends.

دانلود Telegram+ Plus   تلگرام پلاس جدید اندروید + تم ها

Instant Telegram Telegram Plus is actually one of the assistance programs than the original version, more features and benefits. Some Telegram Plus Android Messenger app features include:

More security

Add option to hide the phone number


Having the ability to hide the secret conversations in chat screenshots

Customization and design

Having multiple options to change the application layout, colors, sizes and …

Multimedia and Media

Very quick music and video sharing

Community and Forum

To report bugs, to share ideas, interact with other users and …

Changes in the new version – Android team extracted by City:

* Introduction of Drafts: Sync for undelivered messages, draft stored in the chat list.
* Video Player Interior (Android 4.1 and above).
* Show unread messages, must “move down” button.
* Preview images in the group

* Added functionality plus settings:

  • Show and Hide toast in the chat window
  • Show and hide the keyboard of the robot
  • Personal Biography configurable settings
  • Quick Add feature of the chat page on the home page (Home)



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