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Telegram Telegram v3.9.0 APK

Download Application Telegram Telegram

Telegram Telegram | Download Telegram Android – a new version update

(In two different versions for arm processors and x86)

+ Desktop Edition (Windows)

Telegram Telegram software send and receive messages that focus on speed and security. This free program that recently has gained tremendous popularity in the world, extremely fast, simple and safe. You can telegram on all your devices including phones, tablets and even computers to install and use. Telegram allows you unrestricted infinite number of messages for friends or get. Additionally, message types can be photos, videos and your friends to share files between different. One of the main reasons for the popularity of high-Telegram, offer new functionality and features, including the unique and highly functional robot and the channel that the program itself is very special and inimitable.

Interestingly, the telegram is now more than 100 million members, that number is increasing monthly. So do not doubt that the telegram is one of the programs that you have it in your phone, your tablet or personal computer.

Main features Telegram Telegram:

  • High speed
  • High security
  • Support cloud
  • The group chat feature
  • Important features such as channel
  • 100% free and without any advertising

The new version changes Telegram Telegram:

  • The ability to edit posts until two days after posting
  • Mnshn the people using the @ in the group, even if they do not have a username
  • Faster search and find friends
  • See robots built and online in the attachment
  • Add shortcut on the home screen chat



Updated: May 16, 2016 — 11:09 PM

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