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Msnjryst that in this post-Telegram name of Apktops to introduce the newest version of its site users pay. By telegram popular messenger that their main focus is placed on speed and security of your personal conversations easily share with your friends and be sure the Messenger in complete security and peace of mind will be at your side. Discussions on cable all the way just been encrypted and the user will be sure that the message is read directly by the person specified and nothing is not stored on application servers telegram!Recently, due to problems that occurred for all users Messenger Viber Viber telegram arrived.

telegramFeatures :

  • Fastest Messenger app available in the market due to decentralized data center infrastructure program and connect to the nearest server
  • High security
  • Cloud that will never not lose your data with unlimited cloud storage
  • Group chat with many people (maximum 200) and sending large video (up to 1GB)
  • Send messages with the lowest byte consumption, cable and mobile telecommunications networks, as well as the weakest in the works
  • 100% free and no ads
  • Ensure the secrecy of data and lack of access to information, unlike other programs
  • Ability to create and manage groups
  • Ability to build and manage channel
  • The ability to chat in a safe bed
  • Ability to send video, audio, image and other files

Telegram also released the Windows version for Windows users, but prior to its use in the program must register with a phone and activation code to get it.

For users: The makers of application software Telegram, WhatsApp severely undermined in terms of security and even racing to break coded messages by this software was arranged that finally someone was not able to do this. WhatsApp Messenger is something that is not so hard! ( Full link for more information )

important Notice:

Telegram Messenger is one of the safest in the world and no way to hack into and steal account and user data telegram. So all approaches known as hacking telegram guaranteed! The sites sold outright fraud.


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