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The Trail v6359 APK + DATA DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]


Simulation and adventure with style

Supplied by Kongregate

With unique gameplay and new

Many users are always looking for new and fresh games that are designed with new gameplay. This category of users, repetitive and monotonous do not like games and are looking for variety. Kongregate new game studio recently released under the title The Trail is a clear example of the same thing and with new gameplay and unique, can you entertain a lot of the time.



  • Walk among the beautiful nature and dream spaces
  • Travel to new world
  • Build a community and work with each other
  • Has a completely unique gameplay
  • The possibility of buying and selling parts for passing Affairs
  • Meet people in each of the cities and globalization
  • Has excellent graphics and stunning HD

The Trail Adventure is designed with style and on the Play Store was introduced as a simulation game in style. In this game you have to take control and guide the main character and the game can be fun adventure.

In this Android game you will travel to different cities and see the land and the environment will be different. On The Trail task you perform tasks that must be performed in the city. For example, in a city in exchange for money, what people need to do to make enough money to travel to get to town and buy the necessary equipment. Play the mission is that you should be able to do missions. You can buy or sell items that you need to pay or to earn money in this way. In the city there is also the possibility of building a community and it is possible to help each community can have control over.

The Trail has a totally unique gameplay and the new experience it in the same game, you have not seen. Environment and excellent graphics of the game is designed to shape and control’ll be an awesome game and have fun. If you’re interested in adventure style games we recommend you do not miss this game.

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