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Toggle WiFi during Home Auto [pro]v0.1 APK


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Once we have purebred your home location, this app will automatically spin off your device’s Wi-Fi when we leave your home plcae and spin it behind on when we enter your home location.

The app also provides a trickery to automatically spin your device’s Wi-Fi off during a finish of a day and spin if behind on in a morning, if we are during your home plcae during a specified time.

A toggle widget is also supposing for your home shade so that we can fast toggle a Wi-Fi environment manually. The colour of a widget also indicates a tie standing as follows:
– Green: Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to a Wi-Fi entrance point
– Light blue: Wi-Fi is enabled, though not connected to a Wi-Fi entrance point
– Amber: Wi-Fi is possibly being enabled or disabled
– Red: Wi-Fi is disabled

How to set a Location settings for a app:
– Location correctness – this is a correctness turn your need when your device is last your home plcae when we primarily capacitate a app. Typically we should leave this during a default of 25 meters, though if a device can’t establish your plcae to this turn of accuracy, try environment it to a subsequent level.
– Location radius – this is a distance of a round area around your plcae centre indicate that will trigger a home plcae entry/exit eventuality and a compared enabling/disabling of your device’s Wi-Fi. Set it to a distance that means as we are relocating around your home location, we sojourn within this area, to equivocate a Wi-Fi being enabled/disabled unnecessarily.

An eventuality record is also supposing from a app menu, so that we can see how a plcae events are triggered and how a device Wi-Fi is enabled and disabled.

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More Info:
Toggle WiFi during Home Auto – Android-apps op Google Play

Download Instructions:
Download togglewifiauto


Updated: May 24, 2016 — 4:29 PM

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