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YAATA SMS Premium v1.21.10735 + Plugin Emoji APK DOWNLOAD !!

Program management YAATA SMS text messages

SMS and MMS YAATA SMS management app on Android phones is great potential for customization that you have to plan according to your tastes and desires.



  • Ability to send and receive images, videos, audio files, animated images, etc. without restriction
  • Ability to view a delivery report along with saving the time and date of delivery
  • Chat as a group
  • Send a message
  • The scheduling feature to send messages
  • Convert SMS to MMS
  • SMS archives
  • A black list (Premium Edition)
  • Copy and paste text SMS messages
  • Backing up the settings Restore feature
  • The rapid response to incoming SMS

Including management software YAATA SMS text messages and multimedia messages on mobile phones that offers excellent facilities at your disposal. YAATA SMS using just a new look for your cell phone, text messages and also the great features that this software gives you use. YAATA SMS applications including limiting Aplkyshn that allows you to schedule SMS to you so you can send them at a later time.The ability to save messages in an archive program is another feature of this software. You can receive text messages that you reply quickly, this feature is for when you strap your hand and ask them to respond quickly can be very useful. Then you can use this software to get ApkTops directly from the site.


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