[2 Methods] Enter Recovery Mode on LG V20 Easily

Use this article in order to learn how to enter recovery mode on LG V20 successfully. Since Android is an open source operating system you can perform complex operations such as gaining root access, install recovery images, mods, ROMs on your LG V20.LG V20 RECOVERY MODE

Recovery mode is pre-installed on any Android and LG device however this is a hidden environment which means that you can not access it from the settings menu. Once you are into recovery mode you can also hard reset LG V20, clear cache and data, apply OTA update and so on.

Entering Recovery mode on LG V20 is not a difficult process and it can be performed even if you are not a developer as all what you have to do is to press some buttons. Also, we should not forget to say that booting recovery mode on LG V20 is official from LG but it depends what operation do you perform there.  So in this guide I will show you how to enter LG V20 recovery mode by using two methods.

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1. Hardware Buttons

  • Grab your LG V20 and power it off completely.
  • Then, press and hold both all Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time until the LG Logo is being displayed on your LG V20.
  • Now, release the keys and press the above combination again however, this time you should wait until recovery mode menu is displayed.

2. 3rd Party App

If one the LG V20 buttons is broken then you can not boot it into recovery mode. However, you enter recovery mode on LG V20 by using a 3rd party app but this method requires to root LG V20. You can check if your phone has root access by installing the Root Checker app from Play Store.

  • Download and Quick Boot on your LG V20.
  • Now, install and launch it on your phone.
  • There, will be a list with some options but you need to choose the ‘recovery’ option and then confirm Recovery Mode boot.

That’s it; Now you know how to enter LG V20 recovery mode. If you have any questions place them on the comments field from below.


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