How do I add a pause to a phone number on Android?

How do you add an extension to a phone number in Android?

Tech reveals a simple way to make your phone do the work for you. Enter a phone number in the dialer like you normally would. Tap and hold the * key until you’re able to select a comma (,). After the comma, add the extension.

How do you put a comma in a phone number?

A pause in a phone number is denoted by a comma , for example: 555-555-5555,67890. In this case, the phone would dial 555-555-5555, wait briefly, and then dial 67890. Pauses are useful when only a very short period of time is required after connecting a call before dialing additional numbers.

How do you dial a comma on Android?

Choose Add 2-Sec Pause to insert a 2-second pause, or choose Add Wait to create a prompt into the phone number that’s dialed. The Add 2-Sec Pause command inserts the comma (,) character into the number. When the phone dials the comma, it waits for two seconds and then dials the rest of the number.

How do you add an extension to a phone number?

Use the Wait Method

  1. Open the Contacts app on your Android phone and tap the contact whose extension you’d like to add. …
  2. Tap the Pencil icon.
  3. Select the phone number field, then place the cursor at the end of the phone number.
  4. Use the Android keyboard to insert a single semicolon to the right of the phone number.
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What does an extension on a phone number mean?

An extension is a short internal number assigned to an employee, a project team, or a department of your main business number. It is called an extension because it takes its source from your main business number and it can extend to as many sub-divisions or employees in your company as possible.

How do you insert a pause in a phone number?

How to Add Pauses When Dialing a Number on Your Android Phone

  1. Type the number to dial.
  2. At the point that the pause or wait character is needed, tap the Action Overflow icon. On some phones, tap the More button.
  3. Choose the action Add 2-Sec Pause or Add Wait.
  4. Continue composing the rest of the phone number.

How do you dial a PIN number?

Tap the Add Call button. Dial the second number.

Specifically, you:

  1. Dial the number at the correct time.
  2. Wait for the prompt after you’re connected.
  3. Enter the PIN you received.
  4. Announce yourself to the group when you’re connected to the conference.

How do you put a comma after a phone number on iPhone?

When entering a contact number on the iPhone (i.e. in the Contacts app), at the bottom left of the keypad there’s a + * # button, tap that, and you’ll see a pause button, tap that to add a “comma” or “pause”. Each pause is about 2 seconds, to add more time, add more commas.

Do you put a comma after a phone number in a sentence?

Numbers used as street addresses, zip codes, telephone numbers, or years do not require commas.

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How do I install Office phone extensions?

You can set up extensions on your phone through your phone menu.

  1. Press the “Menu/Set” key. …
  2. Scroll down the menu and highlight “Extension No.” Press the “Menu/Set” key.
  3. Scroll through the available extension numbers or key in an extension number. …
  4. Press the “Menu/Set” key or “Home” key to return to the standby mode.
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