Quick Answer: How do you inspect an app on Android?

Make sure your app is running. Click the inspect button, and a new window will pop up. You can now view the app UI by toggling screencast on, and inspect elements in the view.

Can you use inspect on Android?

You can inspect elements of a website in your Android device using Chrome browser. Open your Chrome browser and go to the website you want to inspect. Go to the address bar and type “view-source:” before the “HTTP” and reload the page. The whole elements of the page will be shown.

Can you inspect something on a phone?

You can inspect elements of a website in your Android device using Chrome browser. Open your Chrome browser and go to the website you want to inspect.

How do you inspect a mobile app?

Listed below are the steps to inspect element on Android:

  1. Press F12 to start DevTools (Applicable for both browsers)
  2. Click on the Toggle Device Bar option.
  3. Now from the available options choose an Android device.
  4. Once the user selects a specific Android device, the mobile version of the desired website starts.
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How do you debug a mobile app?

Select a device to debug your app on. Set breakpoints in your Java, Kotlin, and C/C++ code. Examine variables and evaluate expressions at runtime.

Attach the debugger to a running app

  1. Click Attach debugger to Android process .
  2. In the Choose Process dialog, select the process you want to attach the debugger to. …
  3. Click OK.

What is a debugging app?

Debugging allows you to go through each line of code, evaluating your app’s variables, methods and how well your code is working. … It’s easier to find small mistake in large pieces of code. In this article we will go through basic tips and tricks on debugging an Android app.

How do you make an app Debuggable?

By putting android_debuggable=“true” in your manifest file, application will go in debug mode, that’s mean android will manage all logs file regarding your application. But make sure put it again false (or remove this tag) if application will going to live or for release mode.

How do I inspect a shortcut?

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I or select Inspect Element from the menu by right-clicking any element of the page. Once more, right-click on the page and select Inspect Element or press F12 on the keyboard.

How do you inspect a mobile app in Chrome?

Go to chrome://inspect#devices . Make sure that the Discover USB devices checkbox is enabled. Connect your Android device directly to your development machine using a USB cable. The first time you do this, you usually see that DevTools has detected an offline device.

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How do you inspect element on Android without computer?

How to Inspect Element on Android Without Computer

  1. Open the default web browser on your phone. …
  2. Get to the web page you want to inspect.
  3. Once the page loads, tap the address bar.
  4. Add view-source: right before the URL, no space.
  5. Hit Enter on your keyboard.
  6. Now, you’ll be able to view the entire source code of the page.

How do I open the console in Chrome mobile?

Click the Inspect option under the tab you want to view the web console for. A new window will open. You can interact with the Chrome browser on your Android phone via the left panel in this window or you can interact with it on your device so long as you do not disconnect it from your computer.

How do I open developer tools in Chrome Android?

Open the Developer Options screen on your Android. Select Enable USB Debugging.

Basic process:

  1. Connect your android device.
  2. Select your device: More tools > Inspect devices * from dev tools on pc/mac.
  3. Authorize on your mobile.
  4. Happy debugging!!
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