What kind of Android is Markus?

Markus. Markus is the second playable character in Detroit: Become Human. He’s a RK200 model android, a prototype given to painter Carl Manfred to assist him after an accident leaves him paralyzed. After escaping his master, he joins up with a group of deviant androids.

Are Connor and Markus the same model?

Markus is an RK200. Connor is an RK800. At the Statford Tower, when Connor first discovers Markus’ model number, he tells Hank as much, but looks disturbed.

How can Markus convert androids?

Just think of it like the internet but for androids. With Markus, he basically becomes rA9 and unlocks the ability to convert them via hacking their mind wirelessly.

Is Ra9 a Markus?

Ra9 is basically just a fictional being the deviants created to have someone to look up to. Aka, Like a religion. So no, Markus is not Ra9. However, he is somewhat of a prophet.

Is Elijah Kamski an android?

Elijah Kamski is rA9. He invented and coded androids, meaning he had ample opportunity (and the knowledge to) engineer the entire revolution by hiding a backdoor for Markus in every android; he begun the whole process by gifting Markus to Carl, who he knew would try to deviate Markus.

Who is RK900?

RK900 is a character who appears briefly in the video game Detroit: Become Human. It is a later model of the android “Connor” RK800, a main character of the game. RK900 never speaks in the game. It has an appearance almost identical to the RK800, but with grey eyes instead of brown.

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Can Connor convert androids?

Before he can convert them, another Connor shows up with Hank held hostage. For this trophy, it doesn’t matter what Connor does now since he can just transfer himself into the other Connor and still activate all the androids, which will unlock the trophy.

How many androids can you convert in Freedom March?

In this area, you will be able to convert four androids (Ancillary Tasks 9 to 16). Exit the mall and go to the left to ask the delivery androids to block the road with their trucks (picture16). You can then open the manhole and let the deviants out (picture17).

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