You asked: How do I control my Android screen volume?

How do I get volume control on my Android screen?

Download and install the Assistive Volume Button on your smartphone from Google Play Store. Launch the app and give needed permissions to the app to run, then run the service. it will start to show two-volume buttons on the screen which you can tap to control the volume now.

Is there a volume widget?

A-Volume is a free widget application for Android to help you control the volume levels of the alarm, media player, voice call and notifications. Also you can fully customize the widget size, color and look-and-feel.

Is there an app for volume button?

1. App Volume Control. App Volume Control is a great choice if you want different apps to have distinct volume settings. When you first open the app, you’ll see a list of all the other apps that are installed on your Android device.

How do I adjust volume?

To change the sound volume, open the system menu from the right side of the top bar and move the volume slider left or right. You can completely turn off sound by dragging the slider to the left. Some keyboards have keys that let you control the volume.

Why is my volume button automatically pressed?

The volume buttons are either physically damaged or bent so it’s doing it automatically.. probably because you dropped the phone and it dented the volume buttons… in this case, you’ll have to either try to straighten the volume button back up (if it’s even possible) or simply just replace the volume buttons..

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Can you adjust app volume?

Android does let you set the custom volume for the app running in the background. In simple words, as soon as you put the Spotify app in the background, it’ll return to its original volume. … On your rooted Android device, install the App Volume Control as well as the Audio HeadQuarter Magisk module.

How do I control volume on other apps?

Open the Settings app. Go to System -> Sound. On the right, click on App volume and device preferences under “Other sound options”. On the next page, adjust the volume level for any of the apps that play sounds.

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