Call of Duty: Heroes v4.3.0 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Call of Duty: Heroes 4.3.0 Call of Duty: Heroes 4.3.0 Call of Duty: Heroes 4.3.0

With the help of the famous heroes of the series, Call of Duty build your territory and equip it with a powerful army. Now it’s time to attack other bases with the right strategy and destroy your enemies.

  • Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Call of Duty: Heroes

The Call of Duty: Heroes game is a new title for the Call of Duty series, which has been released for Android and attracted many fans. The game was developed by Activision, and the key to this strategy game is that it’s an online game and it’s not yet published an offline version of Android. The best of the series of Call of Duty games are gathered together for the first time to fight with a host of enemies and record their name forever in history! This strategy game has a lot to do with the genre of genres, and enthusiasts of this genre will definitely enjoy the game. At the beginning of the game, you have a very small realm that, with the development and progress you play during the game, you can expand your realm and build a larger army, it’s time to go to war with other players from all over the world. And experience an unparalleled strategy game.

Download Call of Duty: Heroes game Call of Duty: The Heroes of Android

No one is in the Call of Duty series   Do not know about the computer or even the Android operating system. The first version of this series of titles has gained incredible popularity over the short term due to its high potential. Now a version of the series, called Call of Duty: Heroes, has been launched by Activision Publishing, a Google Play company that has been downloading nearly 50 million downloads since its launch. This fun title during the time it was published in this e-shop has won a good score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Interestingly, over one million two hundred thousand people have been involved in registering this.

Features of Call of Duty: Heroes

– There are various heroes from the numerous series of duty-computer games

– Having separate combat procedures and skills for each hero

– Practicing and training for the heroes

– Ability to form team with friends

Changes Version 4.3.0

V4.2.1 version changes:
* Dozens of new features + various optimizations and fixes game bugs

V4.1.1 version changes:

* AGR, Dragonfires and Siege Bots without prioritizing enemy towers
* Other new features + Various optimizations and fixes game bugs

– Fixing several technical problems and gameplay bugs

– Optimize different game segments

Tips on running the game

– It is an online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet to run!

– The game requires a few tens of megabytes of data that can be downloaded after downloading through the internet connection. Features

  • Name: Call of Duty: Heroes
  • Version: 4.3.0
  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No


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