Clash of Kings v2.2.0 (stubble off Kings) is a strategy game moment in which to create empires and kingdoms fantasy 7 battle that you control! If the game PVP (face to face) or multiplayer you like the game Army fighter who must conquer kingdoms also like to stay.

Clash of Kings army fighting games on your phone or your tablet, download and install!

Clash of Kings multiplayer city-building game you compete against friends and enemies around the world makes! In this game of fighting, widespread empires and engage with your enemies. As you attack your enemy and castle defense to make, and one of the most powerful fantasy heroes across the land to be converted, the world will also explore the fantasy kingdom.

To control 7King city in this strategy game Empire at the Battle of thousands join face to face! Create armies, to search the cargo enemies and gain resources has become the most powerful player!

Clash of Kings Android game features:
β˜† games and combat strategy multiplayer moment! Build an empire and deal with their enemies in a fantasy kingdom!
β˜† gather resources for the title of his mighty empire. Defense against the onslaught of the tower and attack the enemy empire
β˜† SimCity Urban Empire as their king! Defend your empire through strong battle strategy! Build a mighty empire to build your army!
β˜† enjoy fighting and action game face on mobile phone or tablet (tablet) itself! Clash of Kings supports both!