Easy DPI Changer v2.1.4 APK DOWNLOAD [LATEST]

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Easy DPI Changer v2.1.4

Need to root the device

Rating 4.3 out of 5 Google Play

As you know, to run many programs need to update Google services such as Google terms of service and update the service Rzvlvyshn or dpi happen in our system, so that should help diagnostic programs dpi convenient mobile version of the and then download and install our own, and since many Android users managed to find the right version of Google Play are not necessarily in these cases should Tghyyrdhym side DPI devices with the help of programs, that the program according to the top of the ability is appropriate in this case.

دانلود 2.1.4 Easy DPI Changer   اپلیکیشن کاربردی تغییر DPI برای اندروید


:: DPI Changer and with a few clicks can easily edit your device and DPI settings build.prop files on the device you wish to apply to the appropriate Google service updates and games and programs that are when you get a updated encounter run error Nmayyd.ayn to run the program requires root access to the device (routed) and although not impair the ability of this program but may in some cases works well Nknd.ps of editing a resolution until the build.prop file update and change this information will remain the same.

If your device after restarting the system is not connected to Wi-Fi, just run it again until the problem is resolved, it is advisable to obtain a better result after Hrtghyyr devices to fully launch.

دانلود 2.1.4 Easy DPI Changer   اپلیکیشن کاربردی تغییر DPI برای اندروید


:: Easy DPI Changer program features Android:

– Check the current DPI
– Change DPI
– Reset DPI
– No pop-up ads



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