Empire: War of Kings v0.1.71 you to become the most powerful king of the world! This free mobile strategy, in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.In this era of chaos, everywhere there is a crisis. To feed your dragon, fight monsters, fight with other players and make the city and its castle. Of people who have destroyed your empire revenge. How to do it is up to you!
War rages across the land. Your family were in bad condition and your empire has become a wasteland. Responsibility now rests on your family heritage.
Legendary Dragon has long existed in your family. When you rebuild your town to accidentally find a dragon egg that looks like all fairy tales will come true. Your ancestors and dragons together to have a strong link can be heard whispers that you will share a blood link. Now the children dragon is supposed to come out of the eggs in this magical world power can not be underestimated. Whether you will become a legendary Dragon Rider, Empire and honor your family will rebuild and eventually become the real king?

The game features Empire: War of Kings Android:
– Get up and ride dragons and use it to restore your family honor
– Rebuild your city and destroy buildings and convert into useful structures
– To achieve power and treasure in the castle spooky encounter with fearless vampire
– Accelerate the construction and training with just one touch. The long awaited not necessary
– Fight alongside or against other kings of choice depends on your own
– Teach your soldiers and upgrade its surface, enemies to conquer and expand your empire
– Real-time battles with various masters from around the world
– And…