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Unique software Android Game Killer

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To use this app you must be root your Android phone

New Update 3 Persian date Khordad 95: new release to crack the program

Game Killer of the best and most Android devices and fraud is in play mode. Perhaps until now thought that only mode through versions of games, the ability to cheat in the game and get infinite coins, but now you have to say for a lot of games or even can be said for all games are almost Needless to version mode and you play by the conventional version and software tools fantastic game Killer will be able required quantities of coins and money and gain in games and no download versions mode the games do not have.


To do this we need to root your Android device because Game Killer for changes in the game will need to have root access. Now the latest version of the software GameKiller Read more of this post Apktops site to download and install on your Android phone. Then, in accordance with a clear and simple training and more ahead very smoothly.

The latest version of the software + training video is very complete and easy to use software APKTOPS

Apktops like any!

Patch the regular version of the program Game Killer (requires root):

If the problem persists, clean it with crack version and the regular version installed.

Then install the patch program and give it root access and then run the patch, Patch Click on the option to turn the program into a full version.

Using the software Game Killer:

The latest software version of the Game killer Continue reading this post to download and install on your rooted Android phone. We give root access software and as shown below uncheck Hide button to hide the software is running in the background.

GameKiller 3.01

The application icon (see key) to easily know the software is not closed and is active in the background

GameKiller 3.01 (2)

We now have to hack the game and introduced the famous hill climb racing game we have to consider. So while the app is in the background Gamekiller the game hill climb racing and we have some games to earn coins and points

GameKiller 3.01 (3)

You see, for example, 545 won coins (the game’s Pause or Stop mode will not change until dimension) is on the top of the key image is displayed within the game click

And in the application search, you enter the number 545

GameKiller 3.01 (4)

And then select DWORD value we

GameKiller 3.01 (5)

Press the search key software, as shown below Yaqt 545 number can be a great Mqdadyr

GameKiller 3.01 (6)

Thus, to achieve real results and more accurate and less re-enter the game and the other games we (should include changes to increase or decrease the number 545)

Whether it be 545 or more points and less. Our intention is to understand what software is considered the number 545!

So we gained some points and coins and the number 545 will increase to higher numbers, that is 6420

Because this software had been increased Gamekiller and click on the magnifying glass button and choose our words Became Bigger

If you reduce the (Became less to choose from) or can instead choose the number 6420 Became less re-rated new search

GameKiller 3.01 (7)

You can see that the application was realized with the changes that have taken our numbers dropped and the number of results 2

GameKiller 3.01 (9)

Now on each of Ttayj click and enter the desired value in the Value field. Do it on all other results and press OK option

GameKiller 3.01 (8)GameKiller 3.01 (10)

We just need to play coins or points or money back if you had not changed just a small amount (eg 1 coin) else.

Has experience with amazing picture below:

GameKiller 3.01 (11)


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