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Google plum new messaging software to send text messages and pictures to friends and acquaintances to take advantage of the intelligent assistant, Google and clever reply and so on.

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Google Instant Google Allo new software for phones and tablets with Android as plum. Google Eloy is a new messaging app that makes your conversations with friends and acquaintanceseasier, more productive and louder done. After trying various Instant Google Android operating system that each kind was a major setback for the company with the production of Allo serious decision to compete with the world’s most popular instant messenger. However plum alternative to other communication systems, not Google and only start again would be great for the company. New Prunes Messenger app is designed in such a way that all the features that Google in recent years as a powerful search engine provides a benefit.Google in your service interface in this program assistant and the assistant can help you easily get new and fresh information that others do the work yourself without leaving your conversations. On the plus side Messenger is a smart responsive system.This intelligent service according to your posts over time text and images sent from other users of the same or a reasonable response from you will. The introduction of new and innovative small and large plum, sending messages to users using bar is adjustable. With this feature you need to express your feelings in order to enlarge their concept in the text display. These days use different stickers in the talks had significant popularity, the plum for yourunique sticker with independent studios by artistsfrom around the world designed and prepared.Google Hello to enhance the security and privacy of a private chat system for use with Incognito has announced that it has all chat conversations encrypted and if expiry date content exchanged by the user to completely remove will be. It features the popular messenger before telegrams were seen. But experts say the IT field strength of the core Google apps and coordination of various elements of Google’s search engine and added baht and uses artificial intelligence to users virtually with the bot, the company provides a talktime will be.

Attention: Dear user of this software is still in the introduction stage activation was carried out over the coming days and users can register.

Google Allo features

– Google Assistant (The Google assistant):get answers, find new information and get things done without having to leave the conversation

– Call clever (Smart Reply): Reply to messageswithout typing a word! The system response submitted by you during the time of calls answered by text and photos similar in style you will send to your friends.

– Status feeling and purpose (Whisper Shout): allows you to send your messages to larger or smaller than usual to accommodate taller order to express and feel

– Stickers (Stickers): send emoticons and stickers unique and independent studios designed by artists from around the world

– Incognito (Incognito mode): using Incognito mode private chat and chat with encrypted end-to-end special to do to prevent others know your secret. In this case the expiry date will be chatting all information is completely removed.

  • Name: Google Allo
  • Version: 0.1.000_RC0
  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none


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