League of War: Mercenaries v5.6.79 + Mod strategic campaign is a thrilling game genre by studio GREE, INC published. Battle of the game where every decision you will have a real impact and results. Enter the 3D war games and military base established, you expand your army and achieve victory in the campaign.
3D fighting arena combined with a unique combat system that provides a strategic thrilling game that day can keep it! Tremendous fighting force formed to participate in the various countries at war. In more than a thousand corporate mission or to win the war and gain spoils you with mercenaries entered the competition!
In the game League of War: Mercenaries players have a military contractor with the management of its forces to achieve victory. Futuristic technology upgrade your army and your enemies in this tactical battle on the field.

League of War: Mercenaries 5.6.79 Play the Union of War: Mercenaries + mode

Some of the best features of the game League of War: Mercenaries Android:

Game 3D – Experience a battlefield with magnificent 3D:
– In their own way and in 3D fight. Using the headquarters of its military forces violently attack the enemy!

Strategy War – Your choices have an impact:
– A strong army equipped with tanks, helicopters and infantry consisted site.
– Determines the strategy that you use to make sure you win the war
– With advanced technology to combat the enemies prevail
– Tactics and strategies will make you stronger army

Real-time strategy gameplay – your units and formations in real time to optimize expansion:
– Tactical battles surrounding world. New areas in the fierce battle to gain control RTS (Real Time Strategy) participate!
– RTS game takes you to configure and prepare your team in a variety of complex ways to deal with enemy units to lead the strategic challenges
– Challenge your real-time strategic combat puts always one step ahead of your enemies

Multiplayer mode – your strategy in battle for 2-player test:
– Defend your base and fight the best!
– Build your base and upgrade it with a more robust check
– You can rob valuable in PVP Battle challenge to defeat enemies in head to head battles to get!