Marina Militare It Navy Sim v1.01 [MODS] APK + DATA DOWNLOAD !!

Play versatile and beautiful Marina Militare It Navy Sim

Designed in the style simulation game

Ultra-high graphical detail and realistic simulations

Competitive gameplay, realistic and challenging

Italian studio product RORTOS

The regular version + unlocked version

A score of 4.1 out of 5.0 on Google Play

Note: This game will only run on top of Android 4.4 is applicable.

Every day sees the launch of simulation games are more and more of the various studios. One of the most successful studios in this field, studio RORTOS is Italian. The creative studio has several works exclusively for the simulation of airplanes, jets, helicopters and ships has produced. In July 2016 the studio officially versatile and developed the game called Marina Militare It Navy Sim unveiled on which to simulate all kinds of naval ship Italy has been discussed.

Marina Militare It Navy Sim

Features :

  • Graphic detail
  • Precise and detailed design tools
  • Top Simulation naval warship Italy
  • Design ships, warships, jets, helicopters and …
  • The exact design of Italian military areas as waters Catania
  • There are a variety of missions such as search and free the hostages, military forces against the enemy and …
  • There are dynamic and customizable view
  • Virtual controllers evolved

Introduce and review the game Marina Militare It Navy Sim

About the game

Marina Militare It Navy Sim game as one of the most expensive projects RORTOS Italian company that has been for nearly a year. RORTOS studio simulator games exclusively on work and already several successful projects was completed. In July 2016 the studio was beyond professional and versatile game called Marina Militare It Navy Sim’s officially released.

Game Marina Militare It Navy Sim is in conjunction with the Italian Navy ship, according to its creators produced entirely by the Navy and taken the necessary permits. In this game you play as the pilot of jets and helicopters and ships and warships Italian sailors role and you’ll be doing different missions.

Review content, gameplay and graphics of the game

Marina Militare It Navy Sim is one of the most graphically the game is made in the field of simulation games. RORTOS studio experts and military engineers to accurately simulate such models is used. Great graphics, high detail, climate change and lighting and sound perfect, a real sense of the game will increase further.

The gameplay is still the same characteristics observed. The gameplay is smooth and dynamic game for gamers to design and great features in the game, the player feels like a real pilot or sailor induction. Marina Militare It Navy Sim actual in-game model jets, helicopters and ships including the Italian Amerigo VESPUCCI (A 5312), DDG Andrea DORIA (D553), STOVL CAVOUR (CVH 550), HURRICANE 753, AV-8B HARRIER II PLUS, F-35B LIGHTNING II, AB 212, EH101 is used.

In this game you different missions, including the release of a regional confrontation with the enemy, maritime surveillance, wounded, landing planes and helicopters and more experience. There are various stages, naval and air forces and other departments, the game is one of the best games multipurpose simulator games have become.


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