How do I change the selection color in Windows 10?

How do I change the color of a selection in Windows?

With the Window Color and Appearance window opens select ‘Advanced Appearance Settings’. In the Window Color and Appearance dialog choose ‘Selected Items’ from the Item drop-down list and select a new color for ‘Color 1’. Click ‘Apply’ and click OK to save the setting and close the dialog.

How do I change the default highlight color in Word?

The default color for highlighting is yellow, but you can change the color if you click the down-arrow to the right of the Highlight tool on the Formatting toolbar. Word allows you to pick any of fifteen different colors. The colors used for highlighting cannot be changed beyond what is offered in the fifteen colors.

How do I change the color of a selection in Word?


  1. Right click on your desktop and select Personalize.
  2. Select Window Color.
  3. Click the “Item:” drop-down list.
  4. Click “Selected Items” from the list and specify a color.
  5. Click OK and test it again.

How do I change the highlight color in Windows 10 mail?

Highlight Your Mail Text

  1. In Windows 10 Mail, compose a new email message.
  2. Select the text you’d like to highlight.
  3. From the Format tab, select the Highlight tool and the color you want to use.
  4. Your text is now highlighted.
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How do you change the color of the selection box in Excel?

Click General. In the Highlight color box, click the color that you want. Note: You must close and then reopen Excel to see the new highlight color.

What is hot tracking color?

Hottrack (also known as color hottrack) is a visual treat in Windows 7. When you move the mouse over applications in the Taskbar that are open, the glass pane that surrounds the application icon glows with the most dominant color of the icon.

How do you make RGB red?

Red RGB Color Code: #FF0000.

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