Monster Age v1.0.67 APK + DATA DOWNLOAD – [FULL]


Attractive graphics and spectacular fantasy design
Fun gameplay in the style of RPG
Released by Studio Gimku Indonesia

Role playing game or RPG for short, is one of style video game in which players will play as the main character of the game. This genre of games has expanded in recent years. The new generation of this genre of games, elements and elements of other styles are also provided, so playing games on a game also called consolidated. Monster Age Games is a nice game and engaging in the same style that has been developed by the studio Indonesian Gimku.


Features :

  • Spectacular graphics
  • Design of fantasy and legend
  • Funny and adventurous journey into the world of monsters
  • There are more than 200 different monster types
  • It has five main sections include PvP, Raids, Dark Quests. Adventure, Special Quest
  • Ability to train and develop the monsters and turn them into powerful monsters
  • The possibility of combining the monsters together
  • The possibility of enhancing the monsters in different sectors
  • There are more than 80 types of items, tools, power and spell
  • To enter the forums (Guild) and fight against other guilds

Introduce and review the game Monster Age

Monster Age play a fascinating game, fantasy and fun in the style of RPG inspired by other styles, especially the style of adventure is.This game developed by the studio Gimku and for free for Android and iOS operating systems are provided. In this game you can put a foot into the world of monsters. Maybe when I come in the name of the monster, monstrous creatures and scary to fall unconscious to think! But this land is not scary monsters! Conversely, residents in the land of monsters, funny and kind.

According to the manufacturer, this land is a land full of adventure. More than 200 different monster types in the game Monster Age appear to be any arbitrarily selected. After collecting groups of monsters, you can practice and develop them. You can even combine them and use their unique powers and features, create a new creature!

In Monster Age may benefit from more than 80 types of items and spells in order to expand and improve the performance of monsters.Monster Age has 5 main sections PvP, Raids, Dark Quests. Adventure, Special Quest is. In the story, you have six valuable element of fire, water, earth, storm, light and darkness to find. In other parts of the process and various missions can be seen. There is also the possibility to compete online in PvP.


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