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(Messenger Plus program with skins)

Plus Messenger app is unofficial message from the API by telegram uses. Plus Messenger feature new and different applications added to the telegram. By using Plus Messenger program can change the color and size shell by texts, icons, headers and more beautiful, as well as the possibility of sharing this new shell with friends Plus Messenger program. by providing easily share audio files via jet, hide your phone number and join the community of G + bugs and your ideas shared with others. The program can save documents with its original name and the name of the sender on the picture.

Features Plus Instant Download Plus Messenger:

  • Ability to change skins Program
  • Features sharing multimedia files
  • Privacy Policy
  • Emoji are displayed

Changes in the latest version of Messenger Plus Plus Messenger:

  • Added new option to add chat to your Home screen as shortcuts
  • Fixed bugs and minor problems


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