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Powerful Professional Antivirus Premium Mobile Antivirus App

Supplied by famous companies Trustlook

Maintaining security in mobile phones is considered a very important and necessary. As you know, there are different malware on mobile phones can cause very large impacts. But there is a powerful antivirus that can prevent malware from getting into the phone, could largely eliminate this damaging effects to normal phone and have no objection. This time on ApkTops going to introduce a very powerful anti-virus software called Premium Mobile Antivirus App that will allow you to secure your device against any malware!



  • Scan apps, settings, files and media with a powerful engine AVTEST
  • The possibility of preventing children from accessing malicious websites
  • Search, lock, erase data if stolen phone via Google Maps
  • Speed up your phone through applications Close
  • Backing up the information in the phone and restore it
  • Scan your memory card on your device for malware tools
  • Ability to Protect Your Identity Using TAR ID Check

Premium Mobile Antivirus App famous company TrustLook very powerful antivirus for Android smartphones by installing it on your phone the way you can make sure it is secure. This software allows you to scan and detect malware in a variety of applications, files and gives. This is a very powerful anti-virus scanning engine that can detect and remove all types of malware provides. Scan internal memory and external memory devices such facilities

Software Features Premium Mobile Antivirus App to not end here. This Apykyshn ability to optimize and speed up your phone also gives. Quick close the program with ongoing Task RAM empty space that makes an impact in the mobile phone increase the processing speed.

The changes such as wipe, lock or locate a stolen phone by the application Google Maps is also one of the remarkable features of this program. Then you can get the latest version of Application Security Premium Mobile Antivirus App to get on top of Android.

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