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Motor racing Ridge Racer Slipstream

Supplied by the Company, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America

+ Plus version of the game mode

With over 5 million downloads from the Play Store

Commendable and excellent graphics

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Car style racing game as one of the most popular and most attractive games known. There are many great games gaming companies such as asphalt , GT Racing and to have supplied mobile phones to thrill-hungry users to solve this series of games, but the desire and excitement that these games are not only the full , but also increased day by day. This time is going to introduce another series of the same style as we have Ridge Racer Slipstream by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America for the Android OS is designed and supplied.



  • There are various car racing
  • Ability to upgrade different parts of the car
  • Competitions conducted in different routes
  • Modes for tournaments
  • Ability to customize various parts of the car
  • The gameplay is very exciting and fun
  • Excellent and stunning HD graphics

Ridge Racer Slipstream can be considered one of the best motor racing simulators take into account that the phone uses it possible to experience an enjoyable and unique races you will have.

In this Android game you have to enter the race track and be able to try and increase their exercise, are different than Win Knyd.mashyn action in this game is intended for gamers, each of which the unique characteristics of a person may enjoy. Some of the cars has a higher power, will make the race easier. The ability to tune the cars and their power will increase, so you can use your vehicle with much higher power. You can upgrade various parts of your car and have more power in the championship. The tuning of the different parts of your car will be taken from car to car tires, you can upgrade your car better in games called on to shine. There is also the ability to customize the look of the car. Using parts that have been considered in play can customize the appearance of your car and change it to another project.

Game Ridge Racer Slipstream done in different places. Different tracks in the game are designed to do to you will determine the matches in an indefinable emotional. Especially that changed the game from a repetitive rhythm and the game will stop. Various modes of gameplay is also intended to review and enhance their skills in driving can experience all these different modes.

Ridge Racer Slipstream is designed with excellent graphics and stunning. The game is designed and detailed graphics as well as all control’ll be great. The gameplay is also very beautiful and challenging gaming experience will allow. If you’re a car enthusiast style games, we highly recommend that did not miss this game.

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