Ruth Root Checker Pro v3.97.0.69 Patched a small tool to check whether your Android device. There are several ways to root Android devices, but you may have by changing the ROM root your phone. In this case, still not sure that your phone is rooted or not. By the program in the shortest possible time can not know the root of your phone.

– Diagnosis of root access to the phone
– View version and Android devices with API level
– Show SuperUser
– View version of BusyBox and Su
– View the user ID and group ID
– Showing the location of SuperUser
– Nmabsh Place Su and Sudo
– Environment Variables
– View All manufacturing mobile phone
– And …

What is Ruth?
Ruth Administrative privileges of Windows users. A user with user ID 0 can edit each file and make any changes.
Ruth (Root) means root and root on Android operating system also means access to the root or the file system.