Router Admin Pro v1.0 APK DOWNLOAD [Full Paid]

Log in to manage admin page Modem Router Admin

Known as Admin

No need to enter the URL

Very fast and convenient access

As you know, to get into the backend modem should refer to the address Many people are forced for various reasons to come to this address several times during the day to do the things they need with the modem. Router Admin program can not fix the problem no longer need to enter the address every time.



Access to the router management for:

  • Password Manager WiFi
  • Haay filtering on MAC address
  • Management of WiFi Radio
  • Deleting unwanted users from Wi-Fi
  • Block unwanted Internet addresses

Router Admin program, you will enter directly into the router management. The software can be largely your time to get into the router, especially if a lot during the day to do it, save.



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