Soccer Stars v3.4.0 APK DOWNLOAD – [LATEST]

Very beautiful and exciting game Soccer Stars

With simple gameplay but incredibly fun and competitive

Competition online with people all over the world

A product of Swiss company

Note: All parts of the game except for the training online.

Now that these days where you can receive high-speed Internet, many companies into online game development for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have. Soccer Stars as one of the most powerful of the game that has been released by is one of the examples of such games is obvious. Then, APKTOPS in the introduction and review of the game comes out.


Features :

  • The ability to play online
  • The gameplay is simple but very challenging
  • Ability to play with strangers or friends
  • The ability to play as a guest (Guest) or making use Gmail or Facebook accounts as well as accounts Miniclip
  • The ability to earn money and coins with every race
  • 3 type of game (Play One vs One and Tournament and Double Prize)
  • Ability to use the default chat with the opponent, including (What A Goal, Thanks, Great Shot, Oops, Unlucky, So Close, Good Game, etc.)
  • The ability to view profile opponent such as nationality (flag), the Level, the number of wins the regular season and tournament championships
  • Search functionality by writing their names and account …
  • Spin daily usability and Free Coins for hours to earn more coins
  • The ability to buy various systems
  • The ability to change the appearance of beads with different packages

Play Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is one of the most popular these days is very popular game that millions of players from around the world are invited to compete with each other. Play this game in sporty style and a combination of several different sports including football, billiards, air hockey and more. Rules of the game are simple.

A ball, two goals and ten beads (player) on both sides of the field will face. 5-piece will control. Each player has one turn after another. This means that you get when you hit your opponent will have to wait to take his shot. The counter to this is when placed in approximately 15 seconds. If this time is over, turn to the next player will be given.

How to Play Soccer Stars

How to Play Soccer Stars is also simple. You should be targeted with appropriate and realistic use of force strategy and taking into account the laws of physics and collision objects, ball way to the gate and put your opponent in a variety Bznyd.msabqat Soccer Stars are looking for. A game or a tournament such as this are games. Each of these two games are divided in large batches.

The categories for jumpers for input will make more money and in exchange they will produce a bigger prize. Of course, there is also a way to earn coins. Spin daily or hourly use Free Coins, including the cases. Entry Fee for each tournament you must make sure that race. Entry Fee as seed money for input. For example, for the One vs. One free entry to the race and lose, but win money disappears planted, planted you in addition to money, the money will also be planted opponent.

Different parts of the game, including tournaments

You need to enter the tournament marked money to spend. Then you have the tournament that starts with 8 people, 3 people for a fun time to be a hero. Tournament championship trophy is usually greater than 5 times the amount planted first. Double Prize in that it also needed at least 1000 coins are coins, you should measure high-risk plant all your coins. If loss of all money confiscated, but if you win, your money will double.

With each win you are given a number rating as Fans +. Fans or fans are the more you can get a higher degree. High Level victory against one of the ways to make the fans more. In Section One vs. Level One game is always near you choose to play as fair.

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