SwiftKey Keyboard v6.3.4.96 Special Edition + x86 + arm64 APK

Download smart keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard v6.3.4.96 Android - mobile Special Edition + x86 + arm64 + trailer
SwiftKey Keyboard v6.3.4.96 Android – mobile Special Edition + x86 + arm64 + trailer

The smartest and best-selling two versions of ARM and X86 keyboard, Google Play and has a quick guess words help you type faster and also supports Persian language.

  • SwiftKey Keyboard (1)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (2)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (3)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (2)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (3)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (1)
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (4)

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Keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is a smart keyboard with quick guess words typed faster you can help. The keyboard can be installed on smartphones and tablets and in more than 58 countries around the world is the best-selling keyboard. The keyboard has a different theme and is beautiful and predict the next words. An important feature of this keyboard supports 61 languages including Persian language.

Please note: Special Edition has a different theme and features are the same due to


– Added new languages: Malagasy

Portuguese (BR) now uses the new spelling rules.(According to the new spelling agreement)

– Bug fixes typing in the Ukrainian language in the compact layout

Changes in version

Improved access (Touch and Talkback) for layoutChinese and Hindi

Changes in version

– Fixed a crash bug in the devices Xiaomi Mi pad

– Ability to view more icons for some Samsung devices

– Hub icon displays when you open a right-to-left languages

– The opening of the Field Hub in floating mode

– View login window personal Twitter correctly in landscape mode

Changes in version

– Added new functionality to the program

Changes in version

– View the losses in both name and native locale

– Sort languages alphabetically and support from TapTalk

– Contruction “High Contrast” Reading Easier forusers with visual impairments

Agreed to join Microsoft

– Fixed a crash bug when pressing the space bar topredict -Jubin

Changes in version

– The ability to predict the fun of what you have in your mind!

– A change in how the numbers

– Improved Korean language program

– Bug fixes and general improvements program

Changes in version

– Added Pinyin for Chinese, Taiwanese

– Added two free themes

– Light and dark skins panel emoji

Performance improvements type when changingscreen orientation

Anticipated two-word

Shake settings

Improve the flow and forecasting in Hindi and Asian languages

  • Name: SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Version:
  • Android version required: 4.0.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none


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