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Download the app to your visit Tapatalk v6.2.2 for Android

Tool useful sites to visit and activities in the Community, regardless of the type of content management system.

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Tapatalk – Forums & Interests View software application built with content management systems for smartphones and tablets is different. If you are a member of the Internet and wish to view the forums with your phone or tablet. Tap Talk program is a special program for browsing forums. As you know by phone browser, your visit is very difficult and that’s why this program helps you to feel more comfortable Blog Forum to see the information and also has the new content the, and can be content. Its other features are also sites with WordPress content management. It should be noted that the association has made it possible and desired site.

Download the app to your visit Tapatalk

Tapatalk – Forums & Interests software application to visit more than 100 thousand active community and forum for correct and has so far won good score 4.1 out of 5 in Google, and the more than 10 million Android devices Installed.

Features Tapatalk – Forums & Interests

– Find a comfortable area for cars content, technology, fashion, sports and more

– Follow the threads to create and share themes with like-minded people

– Send your posts include ideas / pictures / videos and get feedback from fellow experts

Chat with other members

– View All Categories Forum

– Search through thousands of associations made

– View private message notification feature

– Optimized for low-speed internet

Version 6.2.2

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version 6.1.0:

Modify settings send notifications and “Auto-Follow” New

Supports Android permissions settings marshmallows

– Support for inline attachments.

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version 6.0.11:

– Localization of different elements and designed in accordance with Android Ul

Ability to create new topic or New Message from Home

– Added new sections posts by me / my history / my sources in Me tab

Mute feature a special subscription without having to unsubscribe

Remove Features “Tags” and “Favorites” of the program

Changes in version 5.8.4:

– Added the ability to share any file with any other users without using Dropbox or similar services.

– Revise the layout settings and added new social settings

– Added ability to receive notifications when users follow and subscribe to every one of the topics

Various bug fixes

Changes in version 5.8.0:

– Fixed a problem “tab order” in German

– Fixed a bug translations in different languages

– Bug fixes Share incorrect URL

– Fixed a crash bug in

Changes in version 5.7.5:

– Fixed a crash bug in

Changes in version 5.6.3:

– Fixed a display bug endless messages icon in the tab

– Fixed a bug inability to open the message

– Added the ability to zoom on images

Update notifications, group messages

Other bug fixes and crash the program

Changes in version 5.4.10:

– Fixed a problem “First unread” when entering the subject of notifications

– Fixed a problem in the attached file upload

– Fixed problem with incorrect dates and times

– Fixed a bug on the topics of search

  • Name: Tapatalk – Forums & Interests
  • Version: 6.2.2
  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none


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