Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic v4.4.0.102 software for routing of traffic and better. With this program you can choose the best and fastest way to reach your destination. It provides all major and minor streets as much as possible to show you. Waze Social GPS for real-time traffic that you’re at the show as well as to determine the origin and destination, approximate time of arrival for your projects. You can also see your friends’ location on a map as well. The software also gas station on the route marked on the map. The program includes information such as traffic, speed cameras, accidents and more. With this software in time, fuel and money savings.

Features of the application Waze:
– Live routing, traffic and road moment
– Communications Traffic alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures, etc.
– Complete voice guided navigation
– Re-routing by examining the change in road conditions
– Learn the routes and hours of resort you by the program
– Find the cheapest gas stations along the way
– Live maps and constantly update and edit
– And …